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    4x Monitors Cable Arrangement?

    EmanateStudios Level 1

      Dear PrP users,


      wanted to get some advice on how to best connect my 4 monitors for editing.


      3x Dell UltraSharp U2713H (2560x1440)

      1x Dell UltraSharp U2410f (1920x1200)


      My GPU output connections are as follows:


      2x DVI-D

      1x HDMI 1.4

      1x DisplayPort 1.2


      All the monitors can handle every connection, I just don't know best approach; what cables to purchase, what cable to use on each monitor taking into account resolution requirements, do I daisy chain some monitors with DP, some cables can even go from DP to HDMI or DVI-D to HDMI? I'm getting a little confused...


      I'm trying to achieve best colour output and stability (as these are 10-bit screens), also, are there any particular connections which targets as primary monitor (as in during bootup)?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.