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    How to specify font in RH 10 index pop-up menu

    Colo John

      I have upgraded to RH 10 and applied the patch for IE 10 compatibility. When I use the index in compiled webhelp, the index's pop-up menu that displays the names of topics associated with a keyword does not display all the topics associated with some keywords. The menu uses a serif font that is larger than shown in the same index when viewed in IE 9, and i believe that if I could make that font smaller, it would display all the topic names correctly.


      This issue was described in the discussion "RH 10 issue with IE 10". However that discussion was garbled by users asking other questions & there was no clear response.


      Does anyone actually know how I can change the font used in the pop-up menu? There was a suggestion in the other discussion that the font size is controlled by IE, not by RoboHelp. In IE, the instructions say that the selectable font is used when a web page doesn't specify a font. If that is the case, then I need instructions on what to change to specify the font.


      The answer might involve modifying Robohelp files that use JavaScript. I do not know JavaScript and would need specific information (at the character-by-character level) of what to paste where in which file.


      Many thanks,