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    CF10 Dev Ed on Win8/IIS8


      After a couple of hours of errors and googling, I finally got the dev edition of CF10 to install.  The admin page at localhost/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm is blank, as with every cfm/cfml page on my server.


      Can anyone give me some advice to get this running? 





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          Aegis Kleais Level 3

          Do you have a CFIDE and jakarta virtual directory setup in IIS under the same site?

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            MSWhat298 Level 1

            No I do not...just set up a virtual directory mapping to /coldfusion10/cfusion/wwwroot/CFIDE.


            ***correction to previous post...when browsing to new virtual directory the page is still blank.  No errors, just a white page.


            Never seen this!



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              Aegis Kleais Level 3

              To my knowledge, CF10 cannot function without the jakarta virtual directory.


              Create one at the site root and point it to:




              As for the '1' folder, check to see how many folders you have in there.  1 should be there, but if you have more, that means you ran the connector multiple times and created more instances.  Once the virtual directory is created, try re-running the ColdFusion.  Also, for S&G, make sure all the ColdFusion services are running.


              Also, by default, there should be a CFIDE virtual directory (to the address you specified).  CF uses this to access resources it needs for certain operations.  There are security issues involved if this is a public site (You'll want to restrict access to many CFIDE resources), but CFIDE and jakarta need to exist at site root.

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                MSWhat298 Level 1

                Thank you Aegis...the CFIDE virtual directory was not there by default. 


                Also there is no 1 folder in the coldfusion10\config\wsconfig directory.  I can create this but there should be something in it, right?  Or no?


                I'm wondering if this install has just gone south all together.  I ran the exe as admin and set the compatibility to Win7.


                Thanks again,



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                  Aegis Kleais Level 3

                  Surprising.  I'm guessing since this is on IIS8/Win2012 that the install requires something more than the default next, next, finish.  During install, it should have setup the CFIDE and jakarta folder on the sites you specified.


                  On your programs list, do you have an entry for ADOBE > COLDFUSION 10 > WEB SERVER CONFIGURATION TOOL?


                  Personally, I'm running on Win7Prox64/CF10/IIS7.5 (Win2008R2DataCenter at work) and it all works fine.  Yes, the '1' folder should have about 6 or so files in it, so just creating the folder won't help here.  My hope is that if you re-run the WSCT, you can re-create the bindings needed.


                  On a side note, can you check to see if CF created handlers for the CF-related file extensions in IIS?

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                    MSWhat298 Level 1

                    The web server config tool is blank, and I can't add anything, warning box says supported versions are 4, 5, 6, and 7x.  V8 installed.  I have googled this warning message but still haven't found anything helpful.


                    There are no handlers that I see for CF related file extensions. 



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                      Aegis Kleais Level 3

                      Are you, by chance, using an old installer package?


                      CF10 support for Win2012 and IIS8 was added around March of this year.  I wonder if you're using an older installer that isn't properly taking ths into account. 


                      Try downloading CF10 Developer from Adobe (choose x86 or x64 as applicable) and see if using that installer works for you (If you have a license, you can pop it into the CF Admin after install and unlock it to Standard/Enterprise).

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                        MSWhat298 Level 1

                        Aegis...I just downloaded a fresh exe from adobe and the new version is listed at 14.0.0, my file was 12.0.0.  So I must have downloaded this one some time back.


                        I just uninstalled and re-ran the newer exe and now I'm able to get to the cf admin page.  There is a cfadmin and jakarta virtual directory in iis now.


                        So, I haven't gone any further as far as my apps but I think this may do the trick.  Thank you for your input and help!!



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                          Aegis Kleais Level 3

                          Great to hear buddy!  Now go make some beautimous web apps! 8:D