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    Upgrading advice requested

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      I wonder if I could ask you guys some advice on upgrading my system? I built this a couple of years ago, and it’s worked a treat, mainly because the footage we edit on is P2 DVCPro HD.


      The camera is getting old, and we’re about to invest in either a Canon C500 or a Sony F5 (more likely the latter). I’ve been editing C300 footage other newer codecs on this system recently, and compared to the P2 material, I’ve noticed a drop in editing performance and smoothness. Where the Mercury Hardware acceleration was great with hardly any rendering with the p2 material, renders are more frequently necessary, and I’ve also noticed some significant lagging in timeline playback with only rudimentary effects applied.


      Anyway, the machine as it stands:


      I7 2600k (running at stock or the built in simple turbo speed)

      16gb RAM

      GTX 560 1gb DDR5 GPU

      Hard drives:

      120gb SSD for OS (Win 7 Pro)/programs/project files

      500gb external G-raid mini (raid 0) for scratch/renders/pagefile (ESATA)

      4TB external G-Raid (raid 0) for media (USB 3 – used to be ESATA until the old one blew up. As ESATA is at end of life for G raid, I was persuaded to go for the USB 3 instead. Hmmm) Media is safely backed up elsewhere to avoid Raid 0 failure issues.


      That’s pretty much it. We’re using Premiere and After Effects CC, with a fair amount of dynamic linking. A lot of the material we cut is short form promos, ads, brand films and the like. Pretty fast moving , lots of cuts.


      I’m not convinced I made the right decision getting the USB 3 G-Raid recently. It feels like the old ESATA G-raid was faster, but then it’s hard to say for sure as we’ve only just started cutting the newer codecs etc.


      I also had a nasty experience with overclocking the CPU a while ago. Just using the Asus EZ bios systems selecting the fast mode, where it pushed the clock speed to approx. 4.6GHZ, I immediately had problems with my old G-Raid corrupting. Could have been a coincidence, but the experience scarred me…. Perhaps I should just grow a pair…


      I can’t pretend there’s a huge budget, so my question to anyone patient enough to have read this far is: if I had a budget of approx US$650/€500/£400 (I’m based in the UK) what would give me best bang for my buck in terms of performance improvement?


      Many thanks in advance, Andrew.

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          Welcome to the forums.


          Your i7-2600K based system was developed before USB 3.0 exsisted.therefore you do not have a USB3.0 port on the motherboard.  No wonder your new disk system has slowed down.  Unless G-Raid supplied you a new USB 3.0 adapter card, you need to buy one,


          Now, if you are really serious about a Canon C500 or a Sony F55 these are 4k cameras so throw out that computer and start all over, it just is not possible.  Follow cc_merchant's suggestion and read the suggested page and fully understand that you are asking for a miracle out of your old system.  I have a real souped-up i7-2600k (max memory, well overclocked, Internal raid, super GPU) and I would not expect it to handle those exotic codec's or raw 4k video.


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            Thanks, both, for your replies.

            I didn't know the tweakers page existed, and that has been an incredibly useful read. Thanks to all who put it together.


            My motherboard is an Asus P8z68-v Pro. It actually came with a usb 3 adaptor, so has already had 2/3 usb 3 slots. They behave as you'd exepct usb 3 to behave. It's pretty fast on transfers to and from external drives etc, and the new G-raid is of course attached to it.


            Having digested some of the above, I was thinking of doing the following:


            * ditching the usb 3 g-raid for media and replacing with an internal raid 0 (possibly 3 x 1tb seagate 7200.14 drives)

            * upgrading the RAM to 24gb

            * upgrading the GPU to a GTX760


            This will keep me close to my budget, and with whatever new camera we buy, it's most likely that 9 out of 10 jobs will be recorded in HD mode, rather than 4k. I appreciate the codec still is more exotic even in HD, but do you think my proposed upgrade will make it bearable? I will also invest in new cooling and seriously spend some time ensuring i can get a stable OC out of the system.

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              Harm (does not use CC, only CS6 and is no longer active on this forum) is responsible for all the "Tweakers Page" info on our PPBM7 site.


              I will attempt to give you some updated results/configuration info from my i7-2600K based system, but it will have to be later as I am about to run out.  But for HD work you can have an enjoyable system..