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      Starting to work on my trailer now in premiere elements 10.  Do you know how many trailers out there interject these black screens with words flyig right at you like "Comig this fall"  .  Is it possible to do that in PE? I do not see much animation capabilities so  my workaround is to create a powerpoint slide with animated writing, change the background color to balck, save the pwerpoit slide as a video and then import it into Elements. Alot of extra work to do it that way but I am willing to spend the time  if it will yield the best results. Curious if the board agress with this angle or is there somethig I am missing in PE?



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Yes you can and a lot more. Even those Star Wars titles.


          The animation possibilities are large in Premiere Elements. Have you looked at the Text Animations in the Titler? And, have

          you explored the use of PiPs applied to the title created in the Titler. (Edit Header/Presets/Pips). You can even do a Stars War

          type title using an assortment of video effects.


          By now you must have mastered keyframing various properties (Scale for Zoom, Position for Pan, etc).


          I will try to demo an appropriate text animation for you, but please take a look at what I did in the way of animations (from basics) in Premiere Elements. These examples are not text but it is intended to show how one can do animations of all kinds in Premiere Elements.



          Bottom line: you can do you text animation in Premiere Elements 10 Windows without problems. Please let us know if you find all the things mentioned for your goal.


          More later.



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            Thanks ATR!  I'll take a look at the animation section.  Can you clarify what you mean by PIPs?

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              PiP represents Picture In Picture. In Premiere Elements 10, please take a look at the effects that you can get when you apply one of them to your Titler title text on the Timeline. In your version, the PiP categories and choices are found under Edit Header/Presets and scroll down to the PiPs (25% and 40% multi choices).



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Meantime, if you want to learn how to do lots of titling and special effects, I show you how to do 50 of them, step by step, in my new book -- if you're interested.



                You can see samples of the effects you can create by clicking the links on the left side of the page.

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                  Thanks everyone for your input. It's clear now that I have everything at my finegrtips in Premiere. I actually thought going in you were going to like my Powerpoint idea but I see now that was a senseless path to take.