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    Nested sequence: after a cut, audio repeats from previous clip

    DavidGaryEsp Level 1

      Summary: In a nested sequence situation, I'm getting short audio repeats from a clip element just prior to a cut.



      • Premiere Pro CC, latest version at time of writing (7.0.1 (105), under Windows 7 (64-bit).
      • Structure: I have a sync-sequence (multicam source sequence) consisting of XDCAM-EX (file structure broadly along the lines of AVCHD) and Z1 (plain m2t files).  Derived from / dependent on that is a multicam edit sequence, where I cut between camera angles.  Then that sequence is itself nested in a master sequence (showing selected extracts of the performance).
      • For reference purposes: Multicam edit sequence consists (among other things) of a rock band's "big finish" followed by some applause.  I made a cut in the audio part (only) of the nested sequence clip, to enable the audio for the applause to be normalized independently of the band performance.  To smooth the join I added a crossfade transition over the cut.  Nicer in principle than using volume envelopes.
      • When I play the original recording or the multicam sync-sequence or the multicam edit-sequence, all looks and sounds fine.



      • When the Master sequence is played back (in preview or an exported/encoded clip) I hear the big finish, then applause starts, then after 2 seconds the "big finish" is heard once again, but at lower audio level.
      • This effect happens wherever I have used the same cut/normalize/crossfade technique in the (nested) multicam edit sequence.  I have also encountered it in previous projects in Premiere CS6.
      • If I delete the crossfade then the problem disappears...  Doesn't matter what type of audio crossfade is used.


      Is this a known problem? and is there a quick workaround? (other than using envelopes instead or copying/patching the audio up to the master level)