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    Image Corruption in ACR/Bridge CS 6:


      Shooting 1D mk lV, all image shot in RAW; Mac Pro Dual Core Xeon, ATI Radeon HD 5770. Downloads are via card reader.


      Bridge/ACR will randomly take the first image I open and corrupt it. It could be per set of images or just the first image of the day. This is usually not a problem as my first images are usually just test/set up shots. This morning it screwed me royally.

      I edited a shoot last night and put my highlight images into a separate folder. I then did ACR corrections and ran a batch for logo'd sample images and sent them to the client.

      This morning I start up my computer and open the highlight image folder, select the 5 highlights, click on 'open in camera raw' and they pop up and after 2 seconds the first image corrupts.

      I have tried copying the image to other drives as well as to my Mac Pro laptop and it does the same thing every time. Purging cache for selection doesn't work.

      Copying the original in finder to another drive doesn't work (this has worked in the past).

      This has happened in the past and I did find a fix of deleting a certain file in the adobe library (and it recreates it). I did save the page where I found the fix but haven't been able to find it.

      I have re-created the ACR cache as well as the Bridge caches. After recreating the caches and clicking 'purge cache for selection' it briefly pops back the original and then corrupts again.

      I've tried increasing cache size and various cache options.

      When I view the file in finder, the tiny thumbnail shows the correct image but the preview shows corrupted image.

      If I view the image in Canon's Digital Photo Professional, it pops up for a second normally and then corrupts itself.

      I'm guessing it's a deep cache issue...I have well over a million images that have passed through CS6. I regulary clean my caches but am I missing something somewhere???



      Any suggestions from anyone???