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    Execute actionscript on swf load?

      I've been messing with Flash for about an hour, so I really don't what I'm doing, nor am I a web designer - I'm trying to make something work as a favor to a friend.

      I'm trying to hide an email address for a mailto: contact link, so I've embedded it in a movie. What I'd like to do though, is have the actionscript load immediately once the swf is loaded so a user doesn't have to click on anything in the movie. Basically, the idea is to have code like <a href="email.swf" title="contact">Contact</a> where when the user clicks the Contact link, it loads the swf, executes the mailto:, fires up their mailer and voila.

      The actionscript I'm using now is pretty simple, but like I said - i'd really like to be able to do away with having to click on anything.

      btnContact.onRelease = function() {

      Thanks in advance!