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    NeoOffice to Adobe InDesign


      How do I take my manuscript from NeoOffice and place it into Adobe InDesign?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I don't have Neo Office, but I think it will save in some text format like RTF, this can be placed into InDesign. Images used there separately to import in ID.

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            Mordecai1989 Level 1

            Perhaps a great deal of my problem is that I'm extremely technologically

            challenged--I've learned all that I know from sitting in front of a

            computer and giving things a try, and often taking hours before I've worked

            out how to do what folks who've studied computer or are technologically

            savvy see in seconds or minutes. When I first knew that a computer could

            help me do my work in university I started by trying to take a course in

            computer science; I really had no time to be learning fifty terms for each

            class and how the innards of computers operate, so I dropped the course.

            Then I sat down finally in front of a computer and had to ask someone how

            to turn it on! I've managed to learn many things over the years on my own,

            but when told to start using Adobe InDesign for the writing I'm doing, that

            set me back to almost the feeling of complete ignorance. I need

            explanations of terms (RTF?) and instructions that tell me step by step how

            to do what I must do to take from one application (NeoOffice word

            processing) to Adobe InDesign.


            Thanks for the attempt.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Try  a file > save as. There should be a choice of file formats to save as.

              Choose RTF or Word if it's a choice.


              Then use file > place in InDesign to place your document.