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    My tablet won't let me draw in flash, or photoshop or anything!


      I'm using a Wacom Bamboo pen and touch. I don't expect you guys to be able to instantly know how to help with this since this isn't a wacom forum, but i thought you guys were my best hope at fixing this. When i go into a program such as photoshop and flash, as soon as i enter the page with my canvas, the mouse won't move via my tablet. If i move the pen out of activation point from the tablet, and put it back somewhere else, the mouse will jump over to there. However no motion will make it move whatsoever. This is stopping me from being able to draw, which is holding back my work. I can move the mouse just find on ANY other page. Even when i open the programs, on the home page before i select a new document, it moves perfectly fine. But as soon as im on the canvas, nothing will get it to move properly. This only seemed to happen after flash and adobe air had the update which i agreed to and downloaded, leading me to believe it's one of these. However i recently figured out it happens on photoshop as well... so not quite sure. If anyone can help with this and get it working again, then i'll be extremely greatful.

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          You should search the forum about this issue. Wacom and the latest versions of Adobe software have issues themselves, mostly driver related. That doesn't include the issues you introduce using a tablet. While Microsoft would love to tell you surface pro (what I assume you're using) is good enough to replace a laptop, no professional will bet their business on it. The best idea is stay on what works for you until the issues are completely resolved (that means get off the tablet).

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