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    Is Flash Builder a good beginner program for creation of android app?


      Hi there,


      I'm planning to create a Android app and I'm searching for the right program to do so. I have absolutly no knowledge about programming, but happen to have Flash Builder as part of the Creative Suite CS6. As I need to learn everything from the complete beginning, I'd like to pick the best program for this purpose, so I don't learn a lot of stuff not be able to achieve the product I'd like. Let me give you a example of what I will try to achieve:


      Program for Android:


      - first page of the program would be a welcome page, it would be nice to be able to put a login and password option here, but that is not neceserry.

      - second page would be a list of 14 options - books - and by clicking on each option I would open a little book (cca 30 pages).


      - this option would be nice: let's say I open the third book and stop reading on page 10 and stop/close the program - the next time I open the program it would open the program on that very 10th page of the third book

      - this option would aslo be nice: some kind of searching modul to search keywords in the book.


      Is this kind of app possible to make in Adobe Flash Builder, or would it be better to learn another program? Thanks a lot for your experiences! Hedvertel