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    Indesign CS6 Server: Multiple instance configured, just one random instance come up?!


      Hello everyone,


      we have a problem with our Indesign server. It is configured to run as service on a Windows 2008 R2. We configured one instance with the management snap - that worked well. So we decided to add more instances and now the problems start: If I start the indesign server service all configured instances come up as process. But only a random one comes up able to process jobs. The other instances are dead - they don't even open a port. And I could see that the dead instances take hardly memory (ca. 50MB). The working instance takes ca. 260MB RAM directly after launching the service. What we are doing wrong?


      As you can see the instance with the PID 7832 takes a lot more RAM - thats the working instance. I checked with "netstat -an" for the ports 4711-4714 - just port 4713 was open.


      Thanks for your help and Regards from Germany

      Benjamin Gannott