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    How to open a URL in the default browser via CC HTML Extension?

    franklinkim Level 1



      I'm trying to open a link via the default browser in a HTML Extension for Photoshop CC built with Extension Builder 3.


      With the initial example the "/indext.html" it look like this:


      <li><button class="default" id="btn_PHXS" onClick="onClickButton('PHXS')" disabled="true">Run ps code</button></li>


      and I changed the code from "/ext.js" to:



      function onClickButton(ppid) {

          var csInterface = new CSInterface();





      This is what the "/lib/CSInterface-4.0.0.js" looks like:


       * Opens a page in the default system browser.
       * @param url   The URL of the page to open. Must use HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
       * @return One of these error codes:\n
       *      <ul>\n
       *          <li>NO_ERROR - 0</li>\n
       *          <li>ERR_UNKNOWN - 1</li>\n
       *          <li>ERR_INVALID_PARAMS - 2</li>\n
       *          <li>ERR_INVALID_URL - 201</li>\n
       *      </ul>\n
      CSInterface.prototype.openURLInDefaultBrowser = function(url)
          return cep.util.openURLInDefaultBrowser(url);


      Since "util" doesn't seem to be defined  I get the message:


      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'openURLInDefaultBrowser' of undefined


      Is the something missing?