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    CS6 Indesign - Crashes permanently and/or slow interface


      Hello to the community,


      we have 35 Mac OS 10.8.5 workstation on slightly different hardware.

      We have always 8Gigs of RAM.


      1.) CS 6 crashes permanently and / or the useage of the complete ID-interface slows extremly down.


      Our Workaround for permantly Indesign-crash on user-account:

      > Deleting ID-caches / Reboot > Indesign starts again

      If we start ID6 without deleting caches and reboot the machine on the administrator account Indesign starts normally and works fine.


      Why that ?


      2.) If the Indesign-Interface slows down  (which happens very often after using it for a while),

      a change to the adminstrator-account solves the problem


      > The indesign Interface works fast again.


      But on the user-account u cant solve the problem ...

      > It has no effect to delete the caches (and reboot).

      > It has also no effect to set Indesign to default-parameters.




      reinstall Indesign >>> aftter working for one or two weeks the  slow ID-interface comes back

      deleting useraccount and make it new >>> it seems this solves the problem


      Why that ?