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    Sound loops in imported file.


      Hello! I'm using elemts 11 on a 34 bit computer, PC. I use a system camera for filming, a brand new Panasonic DMC_GH3, set to .MOV-files. I have been using elements without any problems at all so far, but right now I have this perfect interview, 3 minutes long - and when I import the file into elements the sound loops back to the beginning, halfway through the interview. What to do? I've imported the file anew, started a new project... nothing seems to work. When I wiew the file in my camera it's perfect.

      I'm greatful for any help at all!


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, play the file in Quicktime Player to make sure the problem doesn't exist on the original file.


          The next thing to do is to identify the specs of your MOV file. Your camera shoots in a couple dozen different formats and frame rates.


          If you don't know what settings the video was shot at, open one of your videos in Media Info or G Spot and post to this forum the resolution, frame rate and, above all, the audio and video codecs the file uses.


          Also check under the Edit menu in Premiere Elements and post the Project Settings.


          Premiere Elements 11 usually sets up projects automatically, based on the video specs. But it sometimes has trouble identifying the specs of MOV files.