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    InDesign CC won't start after update - serious error alert


      UPDATE: solved problem.


      After digging in the online Help I found several leads to fixing the problem. Don't know for sure which one was the most effective, but I'll think it was the first of following list:


      1) In Creative Cloud App: Sign Out & Sign In again. The initialization process will be restarted. Suddenly there was an InDesign CC Update - which wasn't shown before signing out...

      2) Deleted the preference files in User/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/

      3) Renamed the cache in User/Caches/Adobe InDesign/




      For the curious I'll keep the backstory so others can benefit from it.



      After updating InDesign to CC on my iMac two weeks ago everything was fine. Didn't use InDesign for about one and a halve week because of holiday. Last Monday Adobe had a customer security alert.


      Call it suspicious or plain coincidence: InDesign CC won't start up anymore. It throws an alert which states "serious error". I deleted the preferences files with the shortcut upon starting the app, deleted them manually, uninstalled the app complete with the preference files and installed a fresh copy from the Application Manager. But it still won't start up. It throws an error with a statement about permissions on the preference files. But there was no change in permissions made - at least not that I know of...


      On my MacBook Pro InDesign CC starts up fine.


      Photoshop CC starts up fine.


      What can be done?! I really need to get access to my files & get my clients happy.