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    Rule definition locations disappearing


      I am having an issue which appears to occur randomly, where when creating a new CSS rule, the only options in the dropdown box for Rule Definition are (This document only) and (New Style Sheet File), with the linked .css file or files simply disappearing. However, after restarting dreamweaver, all is fine. I have already figured out that only when "Source Code" is selected will the option to save new CSS rules in any other external style sheet appear, and that if I am actually viewing one of the external style sheets instead in code or split view then the only options to save a new CSS rule are in (This document only) and (New Style Sheet File). However, I have confirmed that sometimes, even with "Source Code" selected, the option to save CSS rules into any external style sheet simply disappear. If I close DW and re-open all is fine for a while before this problem re-occurs. Has anyone encountered this kind of issue?


      Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Version 12