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    [After Effects] Setting up AA with NVIDIA Maximus (K5000 + K20c)

    Olydri Level 1

      Good morning Gentlemen,


      I just bought a Adobe Master Suite to perform mainly video processing. In order to be more accurate, I also bought a NVIDIA Maximus system composed of PNY QUADRO K5000 and a PNY Tesla K20c.


      Before performing this purchase order, I looked if these cards are supported  by the Adobe softwares, and the answer was yes (I don't remenber the exact url mentionned these information).


      So, with Premiere Pro, we just have to perform a tricky file modification (cuda_supported_cards.txt), and then GPUSniffer.exe program discover the Tesla card successfully, and the GPU acceleration was enabled.


      Now, as a After Effects mainly user, I want to use also the Tesla card to compute all my special effects. Unfortunately when I used the GPUSniffer.exe, the Tesla card is not recognizd and I don't know how to activate this card on this software.


      Could you please, give some advises on a way to activate this system on my platform ?


      Thank you so much for your answers, and if you need more informations regarding my hardware configuration, I will be pleased to answer you.