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    Premiere reporting a generic error at AE clip replace


      Hi guys


      I am currently work a project with a lot of greenscreen work.

      I do all my keying in AE with keylight and mattes.

      The editing is done in premiere with my "raw" footage from Sony NEX VG20 cameras as a kind of proxy footage (MTS files).

      When the edit and keying is done, I right click the footage in the project field, and select replace footage. I now select the AE file containing the keying settings.

      This is where the problem occurs. normally a get a dialogue box asking what comp i want to use, but now I just get the "The importer reported a generic error" error message.


      What can I do, it was working before, and now suddenly it won’t work at all, not even in a new Premiere file importing a AE with just a comp.


      Any ideas?