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    phantom file

      In my original created project there are a couple of files/pages that I cannot locate by name after "merging" another project with it. Someone noted I should locate the .cpd file, delete it and reopen my project as this will reload and fix the quirks. Hasn't happened. my homepage isn't the same (can't find it) and the two or three pages that needed to be overwritten are still showing up whereas my new pages aren't showing when using search function. The files seem to be "phantom" files - I need to make corrections and/or delete them from my project, but they aren't visible.

      Any ideas?
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          MergeThis Level 4
          You say: "my homepage isn't the same ." Can you explain that a little more?

          Good luck,
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            libsport Level 1
            My target homepage used to be a "welcome" page with specific links and the "post publication" page is a different "welcome" page. Nuts that I didn't think to name the two diffrerent from each other. I have the target default page as the correct one, but the "old" welcome page is what appears on the client side.

            I've checked my default homepage on the backoffice side and then tried to look for the old page using the "print target / properties" on the client view WYSIWYG because the old isn't in my current project.
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              I would empty the folder to which I am generating my output, then generate a clean output. If that doesn't work, come back for some more abuse.

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                Follow Leon's suggestion and re-generate your project. Make sure to check the properties first!

                File > Generate Project Layout...

                On the first "WebHelp General" popup, select the correct "Default Topic" (the Welcome page you wanted) then "Next > Next > Next" - you should be on the window with "Servers and Options". Under "Options" select (check) "Republish all" then "Finish". After the project generates see if it is now what you expected.

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                  Thank you, both. I did republish all, but didn't empty out the folder first. I'll give it a shot! Again, thanks!