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    Removing Transparency from fonts?? Possible?

    RJM12345 Level 1

      I'm working with a 'christmassy ' font in After Effects  - basically a standard text with a snow cap on it ...font.jpg


      I need the snow cap portion of it to stay white, however the font regards it as transparent so that the background always shows through when composited ontop of other layers.   I've tried various track mattes and blend mode but cant seem to nail it.  Is there a technique / effect to do this simply or am I going to need to position a masked white solid behind the text to allow the snow cap to stay white?  I'm likely to need to change the text a couple of times so am really looking for a technique which doesn't involve masking out solids to create the effect.


      How would you guys do it?


      If it helps .. I'm running AECC/ 6 / 5.5


      many thanks

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A font is only ever one color. Well, technically it's no color at all and is just completely opaque vs. completely transparent based on vector data. Therefore, you will have to place something behind it to be the snow. Now, many professional snow fonts similar to the one you are using also include a font face that is just the snow in the back to make that job a lot easier. If you don't have one of those, it'll have to be done manually.

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            RJM12345 Level 1

            Thanks Szalam - that's pretty much what I was thinking.  I've managed to achieve something similar by duplicating the font layer, doing an inverted paint fill, pre-comping then masking out the center of the 'O''s & 'R's as nessesary - placing that layer behind the font.   I'll look out for pro fonts in the future - mines a freebie.


            Thanks again

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The easiest way I know to do this accurately and quickly is to set your type in Illustrator, convert to outlines, then convert the type to outlines. Duplicate the layer change the bottom copy to white, select the entire group, go to Object>Compound Path>Release. To open up the center of letters like P, R, and O, use the Pathfinder tool to Divide the the selected group then use the direct selection (a key) to select and delete the centers you need to open up. As a final step with the group selected use the Pathfinder Unite tool to clean up the paths of the bottom layer. You'll get something like this in just a few seconds which can be used in AE. I used gold instead of white but you get the idea.


              Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 8.23.01 AM.png