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    Sharpening and Camera Raw as a Bridge plug-in

    Yammer Level 4

      Many of you will know that Camera Raw also functions as a plug-in for Bridge as well as Photoshop. Not only can you open a raw file from Bridge, but Bridge uses ACR to generate Thumbnails and Previews.


      For years, I have moaned about the (lack of) sharpness of Bridge full-screen previews. It makes first-pass rejection of photos based on sharpness harder when they all look a bit soft. However, since moving to a D800, this has become less of a problem (although I still work regularly with D300 files).


      I have only just noticed something odd: when comparing two identical photos, where one is a NEF and one is a PSD saved immediately from the conversion, the full-screen preview of the PSD is significantly sharper than that of the NEF. Both images are exactly the same dimensions, so it's not a scaling artifact.


      Can anyone confirm this?

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          Robert Shomler Level 4

          I can see something similar in a quick test comparing Bridge full-screen display of a (Bridge-hosted) ACR-edited Canon 7D cr2 raw and a psd file saved from that cr2.  The psd appears slightly sharper.


          Settings and file info:  image was cropped in ACR from 7D full 3456 x 5184 pixel dimensions to 2724 x 1764, displayed on a 1920x1080 screen.   PS CS 6 ACR 8.2, pv 2012, win 7.  Bridge preference Generate Monitor-size Previews was not checked. 

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            Andrew_Hart Level 2



            Just wondered what your ACR default sharpening settings are.


            Mine are set to 25/1/25/0 and this results in a .psd (created in the manner you described, I think - see below) being noticeably sharper than its corresponding .CR2.


            However, like you, I can't understand why this should be so.


            After completing the conversion to .psd from within Bridge (using the Save Image button) I pressed Done in ACR and the .CR2 then was also saved with the default sharpening, so it should display equally as sharply as the .psd when viewed full screen (not 100%) in Bridge. Viewed at 100%, however, my .CR2 and .psd images appear equally sharp.


            Sorry, I suppose I've not really added anything useful other than to confirm that it happens with .CR2 as well as .NEF

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              Yammer Level 4

              Useful, yes, as it confirms it's not just me!


              I should add some settings too:

              Bridge CS6 (any version will do) 'Generate Monitor-Size Previews'

              Camera Raw (tried 8.2 too) 'Apply Sharpening to All Images', Detail: 35/1.0/20/0

              Photoshop 13.0.1 x64 (any version will do)

              Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit

              Display: calibrated/profiled 24" IPS, 1920x1200px; AMD Radeon HD7850 (Catalyst 13.9)


              Unlike Robert, I have 'Generate Monitor-Size Previews' set, as this is essential for larger preview files. If I'm passing through lots of Raw photos, rating and deleting, I need faithful reproduction in order to make the assessments. I can confirm that 100% previews are much sharper (and much slower).


              Unfortunately, because of the way Bridge is designed, full-screen previews are actually resized on-the-fly, as the previews are not truly "monitor-sized", so a small amount of sharpness is lost. However, the difference between Raw and PSD is very noticeable on my D300 shots, and some cropped D800 shots.


              It's even possible to simulate the effect on a D800 shot. Open a Raw and crop it to exactly 4288w x 2848h pixels (D300 sensor size). Open and save to PSD. Compare the two full screen. Do you see it?