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    Alternative InDesign API documentation


      Hi there,


      My name is Will and I work for a company called Yearbook Machine. We make pretty heavy use of the InDesign API on a daily basis and found the OMV to be a bit restrictive.


      Our solution to this problem is an alternative documentation system that you can view in your browser, which we have decided to open source and release for the community.


      You can see the documentation here: http://yearbookmachine.github.io/indesign/

      The source code is also available here: https://github.com/yearbookmachine/indesign-api-documentation


      We've also provided a link to download a copy for local use. Great if you ever find yourself without an internet connection!


      There are still a few kinks to work out, but since it's reached a usable state we figured it was better to release it soon rather than later.


      Feel free to use, share, and mirror the project.


      We'd love to know what you think. Please report any issues here.