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    Custom meta tags

    Craig MacKinnon

      It appears somebody asked this question (http://forums.adobe.com/message/826492) 5 years ago and never got an answer, here's hoping I have better luck


      I'm looking in the source files to find where RoboHelp compiles a New Topic. Why? Because I want to add custom meta tags to that source file so that when a new topic is created or republished, the custom meta tags are included, thus authors will not have to manually add them to topics, either new or old.



      Here's a demo to visualize what I want to achieve:


      Currently, when I click New Topic, this is what gets created by RH8



      I want to modify the file that creates New Topics, so that in the future when I click New Topic, this is what gets created by RH8



      Thanks in advance!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          When you click New Topic, you get what you are given.


          Try this. Get a topic how you want it in Rh and save it with a filename that you will not want to use in a project. In Windows Explorer make a copy of that topic outside Rh.


          Now go back to Rh and go File > Import and import that topic. If your changes have survived the import, rename the imported topic and you can keep importing it.


          Not ideal but may solve the problem.




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