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    What does Premiere do upon startup?


      I have a medium sized project (about 2000 clips). The timeline is about 15 mins long, 11.5 filled with video. My computer is the newest mbp 15" retina in the 2nd fastest configuration.

      Most of the media is on an usb 3.0 external HD. The footage is h.264 5dIII All-I crap.

      I haven't added any effects yet. A little warp stab here and there, no CC or anything else.


      1st problem:


      I start the project. fine. loads the clips. Once it says "all media loaded" the programm is not done.?

      My computer goes on 600% cpu usage for about 10-15 minutes.


      What is the programm doing? All the clips are supposed to be loaded and everything should be fine, otherwise it should tell me somewhere "dude, I m still busy" but it doesn't. All i hear is the fans of my computer go wild.


      That is how it was untill now. I can live with that. Eventhough i don't understand.

      But now i need to finish my video, ie add CC and stuff.


      2nd (serious) problem


      I did register the programm inbetween, going from trail to payed version.


      BUT NOW it doesn't even let me scrub through my timeline anymore. (of course it does but i can't see anything on the preview monitor)  Pressing the play botton doesn't really do anything, i can just hear my fans go wild. nothing else. If i wait maybe 5 minutes i can hear see something on the prev. monitor. Whats going on? its not all fun and games... if i loose this project i loose money.


      In THEORY this is a nice piece of software, but so far it has been nothing but trouble. How hard can it be to just playback the clips/timeline in raw, w/o any effects added to them? FCP 6.0 would handle that easy all day any day.

      I knid of have a feeling that its the HD's fault but it worked fine before and now i can't do anything without a delay of 2-3 minutes from hitting the spacebar to some sort of playback.


      Help me out people, as i said it's not fun and games.