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    Submit fails when "OK" button added to form


      I have a PDF form that I import to Forms central, then distribute. Users can submit the form just fine. However, as soon as I add an "OK" button to the form (using Adobe Pro XI) and re-import and distribute, all the "Submit" attempts fail. I can add checkboxes, no problem... Just the OK buttons that choke the submission. Any known work-around for this? Thanks!

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          We are working on this issue via email but I just want to post here in case someone else encouter a similar issue.


          Make sure that the button you add is not used to make a hidden field visible. This will cause issue during submission as FormsCentral doesn't know about hidden fields and therefore the form will try to submit data that FormsCentral is not expecting resulting in a fail submission.