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    Speech Analysis does not work

    Stacy Rothwell



      Using PPro CC v7....  trying to use the Speech Analysis function.  When I select the clip in project manager and do the "Analyze clip", I have it set to Speech and tell it to go.


      Media Encoder launches, but then nothing at all happens.  It just sits there.  All my files are .m2ts AVCHD files (don't know if that matters or not).  It won't analyze any of them, no matter what project I'm in.  It won't look for faces either.


      Is this a problem or am I doing something wrong?



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          It works here with such files.  Are you using the standard "English - U.S." setting under Language, or something else?

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            Stacy Rothwell Level 1

            Jim, thank you for responding.


            For some strange reason Adobe insists that if you use AVCHD that you have to leave the ENTIRE Blu-Ray structure intact for speech or face detection to work.


            I haven't the slightest idea WHY.....   Even the Sony cameras don't expect you to keep that structure.  They copy the files off to a single directory. 


            As stupid and a pain-in-the-butt as it is, for the few times I have to do speech, I have to have TWO copies of everything..... the stuff the Sony camera imports into a "normal" single directory and the Blu-Ray structure that Adobe insists on.


            BTW.... why not just always copy the sturcture?  Simple...  in the Blu-Ray structure all the .m2T files are sequentially numbered (0000.m2t, 0001.m2t, etc).   When the Sony camera copies them to a SINGLE directory, it renames the files with a timestamp (20131023081234.m2ts)   Makes idetnifying clips WAAAYYYYY easier.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              With all solid state media, from any camera, from any manufacturer, you should always leave the entire folder structure intact.  Never move, rename or delete anything inside any of those folders.  Don't use any special software when copying from the card to the hard drive.  Just use Windows Explorer or Finder to copy the entire card.


              Things can go wrong when the above procedure is violated.