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    Using XML for the Down-Level Stage in Adobe Edge Animate


      Hi all!:


      I have been working on an interactive animated banner. I set it up so that it is editable for text changes or language

      translation via an XML file. I have been able to successfully get this to work..except for one small part of it.


      By the way I am not a coder at all. Here is the article that I used to get me to this point:



      The banner loads and works as intended when view on up to date browsers that support HTML5 and Javascript.

      When someone views it on an older browser like iE8, it recognizes that it will not support it and instead

      loads a "down-level" static image minus the interactive functions so that it doesn't appear broken to the

      user. This "down-level" banner still contains actual (selectable) HTML text which is great because it theoretically

      should allow me to use the same XML file to replace the copy. The fully functioning/interactive banner uses the XML file

      perfectly, but when the banner detects iE8 it loads up a separate .js file. I believe that this is the file that has "Preloader.js"

      added to the naeme of the project. Here is where the issue is... I am not sure how to get this "down-level" banner to

      pull the XML data into that file. It seems like something that is very simple, but getting this done is way over my

      head at the moment.


      Anyone know how to get the "down-level" stage to work with XML?