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    New build for DSLR editing


      Hello, all,

      I am trying to decide between a 4770 and a 4820, the 4930 is still out of budget. I will be editing DSLR footage varying in length from 2-20 min. that will be in the form of instructional videos for a subscription-based website. I will want to put a common animated graphic intro on each one, but don't forsee a lot of heavy editing but as it will likely be hundreds of videos faster will definately be better.


      Looking at a CM storm trooper case

      650ti boost 2g video card

      Corsair 750 80+ gold psu

      256 Samsung 840pro C drive

      2-3 WD 1tb black HD

      either Asus Z87 pro or Asus P9X79 pro motherboard


      All suggestions are welcome.

      Thank you!

      Matthew Blackwood