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    Premier Playback not Sharp from a Hi Res Photoshop Still


      I Have Premier Pro CS6 on Windows 7


      I am importing large hi-resolution still images from photoshop into premier... and am expecting to see sharp playback image detail when zoomed in and panning. 


      My originals are 3000 and 7000 pixel images shot with high end Nikon cameras...in Photoshop I can make an eye ball clearly fill up my HD computer screen!


      When I save the hi res still image... I can do it in PSD or jpeg or any other format.  The images are 4000-7000pix images.


      When I bring it into premier it looks fine as a full frame...but the minute I start zooming in on it and panning closer on the image... It starts to look very soft...and at 300-600% scale in Premier it looks terrible! 


      I want to be able to zoom in from the full face... to the eyes... and pan very closely around the eyes... and the eye shadow area... using full screen in HD1080 for playback.  This is for a video makeup tutorial...and we want to see extreme detail in the eyes.


      How can I get incredibly sharp closeup shots of eyes and eye lashes... from my hi-res originals...playing in HD 1080 resolution in Premier??  Ive tried the hi res checkbox in the export encoder dialogue...render time goes way up...imager still looks poor.


      What am I missing? 


      Im not taking 800 pixel jpegs and trying to blow them up...Im taking 6000 pixel originals and trying to make them look great in HD TV.


      Thanks for your help