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    Multi-Cam in CS6


      Within an already existing sequence, I have many clips: 4 video track and 1 audio track.  They are all synchronized for video and audio.  Within the sequence I have 4 video and 1 audio track that I want to process via the multi-camera facility.  I select the 5 tracks, click on "clips" but the  "create multi-camera source sequence"  is greyed out.  Is there a way to do this if the synchroniced clips are already in a sequence among many other adjacent clips.  I vaguley recall being able to do this in CS5.

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          TacoRye Level 1

          I feel multi-camera capabilities in Premiere could be improved immensely. 


          To answer your question, the way I have found works best is to:


          1- Make markers on each clip in the source window.

          2- Select each clip in the bin, holding down command (Mac) or ctrl (Win). 

          3- Right click and select "Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence". 

          4- A window will pop up asking how you want to sync the clips.  Select "Markers"


          Premiere will create a Multi-Camera Source Sequence which you can drop into any timeline.


          - Ryan

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            dgfitzpat1117 Level 1

            Thx Ryan.  My situation is fairly complex but I will try your suggestion.

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              TacoRye Level 1



              We're you able to find a solution?

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                dgfitzpat1117 Level 1

                No.  From what I can tell, the current procedure in CS6 is to select the

                clips in the Project panel, select an "In" point and go from there.  This

                works when you turn on multiple cameras and let them run for the length of

                the event.  But in my situation, I'm using 5 cameras.  Two of the cameras

                run for the duration of the event while the other three are "B" roll

                cameras and have a number of 10-40 second clips.  Therefore, starting all

                of the five cameras at a common "In" point in the Project panel doesn't

                work.  I seem to vaguely recall that in CS5 there was a way to synchronize

                and select the clips in the sequence timeline and start from there.  Does

                that method still exist in CS6?

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                  TacoRye Level 1

                  I don't know if that feature exists.


                  What I would do in that situation is to get Pluraleyes.  Get all of those cameras synced.


                  That should put all of your B-roll clips in their proper places.


                  Then, nest the tracks and create the multicamera sequence.


                  Let me know if that works.


                  - Ryan

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    I select the 5 tracks


                    After selecting, right click and Nest.  Then right click again and Enable Multicam.

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                      dgfitzpat1117 Level 1

                      Synching, nesting and moving to a new sequence works.  Thanks.