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    Updating Templates

    Tom Birk

      We post hundreds of product templates online for customer download.

      They were created in different versionsof Ps, Ai, and Id, from CS2 to CS5.

      We want to update them all to CS6 or CC.

      Is there a batch app or script for that?


      Older templates produce different results. This is amplified when templates were created in apps that used different color settings.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I believe both Peter Kahrel and Kasyan Servetsky have written scripts to do batch conversions, though I don't have links for you at my fingertips (you'll probably get them both, though, if you ask over in scripting).


          Do you still have the versions of ID from which these templates were made? If so I strongly recommend you run the scripts in the original versions first and convert all files to the appropriate Interchange format for the version (.inx or .idml) and then open the interchange files inthe new version for conversion. There are just too many tales of woe here where folks have lost documents after hours or weeks of work when convering legacy .indd files directly in versions from CS5 forward.