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    AE CC:  Keyframe FX parameters not Interpolating - Why?

    Mizamook Level 1

      Could use a little assistance please! Is there something I'm missing here? When I was using the previous version of AE (6.5?) I could easily set keyframes for interpolated parameters changing over time. I wasn't good at it, but with enough trial and error (and some non-family-friendly verbiage) I could coerce the program to do what I wanted.

      I have a fairly simple situation here, and I just discovered that the keyframe thing is different. For some reason, there is no change over time from (Example: Brightness +0.03 to -1 over 15 seconds) both keyframes are set relationship EZ Ease out - In, messed with the graph editor, etc, HOWEVER, there is no change until the frame of the keyframe, then POW! Sudden change.

      Not sure if I'm missing something (likely) or if something is wrong.  Any help would be lovely!