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    Ps CC super small text


      I just downloaded photoshop cc, everything works fine except 1 thing, when i add a text, the size is super duper small, so small you can't even see what letter it is. I tried to max the size to max but nothing happens, please help me

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Did you create a new document to do this (as opposed to using an existing photograph)?   If yes,, have a look at the image size (Ctrl Alt i).  If you have created a huge document - many thousands of pixels on each side - then that would cause the default text size to appear tiny.  Especially if you have used a low dpi setting like 72dpi.   If this is so, then either start again with more sensible image size, or open the Image size dialogue box > turn off resample > and change the dpi setting to something _much_ higher like 300dpi.