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    Help with Disk Setup for Premiere

    Ollie Needham



      I have searched through the Adobe Community for quite some time, with regards to disk setup for Premiere Pro.


      I now think I have an OK understanding of it, but I need a couple of points clearing up.


      For your information, I run a 2008 Mac Pro 2x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon w/ 8GB RAM & OS 10.6.8.


      Up until now, I have been running the OS/Programs on the C drive, with everything else (project files, media, cache etc) all on another drive. I have come to learn that this really isn't an efficient way to run the system, and I'm very keen to rearrange my disk setup.


      From reading the generic disk setup post, I understand the follow is recommended:


      Disk 1 - OS, Software, Programs etc.

      Disk 2 - Projects & Media

      Disk 3 - Pagefile & Media Cache

      Disk 4 - Previews & Exports


      Do my ideas below actually make any sense, or would this not be an effective way to work:


      Disk 1 - SSD w/ OS, Software & Programs

      Disk 2 - SSD w/ Media Cache Files, Media Cache Database & Video/Audio Previews (also export to this drive)

      Disk 3 - HDD w/ Projects & Media

      Disk 4 - HDD w/ Projects & Media


      Disk 3 & Disk 4 in RAID (unsure what RAID though...)


      From what I understand, as long as 'use previews' is unchecked when exporting, it is OK to export to the same disk as where the previews are saved, in this example 'Disk 2' (from a reading/writing to the same disk point of view).


      Am I also right in saying that by having the 2 Project/Media disks in RAID, it enables the disks to perform better when streaming multiple HD videos within a sequence, whereas in the 'generic disk setup' recommendation, the data is only streamed from 1 disk?


      For what it's worth, I'm also adding another 8GB RAM, to total 16GB.


      I apologise for any questions that seem stupid or naive, but I've never really paid much attention to this until now - and I'm very keen to step up the game when it comes to the performance of my Mac!


      I thank you for your time!



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          cc_merchant Level 4

          See Tweakers Page and all the further articles.

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            Ollie Needham Level 1

            Thank you for your very quick reply!


            I have read through the Disk Setup page, and it has cleared up a couple of points.


            Now, from what I understand - running the Media on a RAID 0 arrangement, doesn't seem to be a great idea due to no redundancy - however, I'm confused as to whether storing the media on 1 HDD would make for stable streaming of multiple streams of HD footage in Premiere sequence...


            I found the comparison between the SSD & HDD interesting too, in the sense that running two large HDDs in RAID 0 for the Media Cache & Previews is actually 'quicker' than running them off a single SSD - and that no redundancy isn't so much of an issue here, as they're just the previews, not the actual media.


            So, am I right in saying the setup below would offer a much more efficient solution than my current disk setup, whilst still keeping costs low by using software RAID, rather than buying large SSDs?


            Disk 1: OS & Programs (SSD)

            Disk 2: Media & Projects (HDD)

            Disk 3/4: Media Cache & Previews (2x HDD in RAID 0)


            Many thanks, once again!