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    Javascript code to enable an ADD button to create duplicate tables and pages for multiple entries


      I am using Adobe XI Pro. I have created a multi-page fillable pdf questionnaire that I want to make interactive to the user. Within each page, I have multiple tables that can have ADD buttons to duplicate the table if the client wants more than one test. I would like this table to insert directly below the previous table and they may be able to add upto 5 of these table.


      I also have a couple pages in the questionnaire that require duplication for multiple samples. Eg. One page per sample, and I may have upto 10 samples. I would like the javascript to have an ADD button and then add each page behind the previous related sheet (Original and duplicates together)


      I am not a javascript coder so I would need some examples and a walk through. I did take some developer courses in engineering but it has been almost two decades


      I have search on several forums and cannot find a good resource so I appreciate the help.