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    Is there a way to consolidate comps (NOT footage and folders)?

    Soren Laulainen

      I am working on a project with a graphics template where a main composition uses some text layers and a few precomps in the background. The AE project file was then duplicated and some text layers in the main composition were changed -- but the precomps remained the same. If I import these two projects into the same AE project, I now have two main compositions which each reference their own precomp. Is there an easy way to consolidate the precomps (which are identical to each other) so that both main comps reference the same one?


      Consolidate All Footage only seems to work on footage and folders, and Reduce Project won't remove the extra precomps because they are all being used by different main comps.


      The only solution I've found so far is to pick one of the precomps in the Project panel and use Command+Option+/ to replace the source manually in each of the main comps. But this could get very time-consuming when dealing with a lot of duplicate comps.