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    Sharing assets and project files between multiple editors


      Hi All,


      I am working on a documentary and we are coming up on the editing portion. I have two questions.

      The director wants to edit using proxy files and share those proxy files and the project files with 3-4 editors across the country via the internet.


      1. Is there a way to build the project in premiere using the raw footage and have it create a new project with proxies that link to the original footage? The goal would be to limit my time with relinking footage at the end of the editing.


      2. What would you all recommend for sharing the proxy files and project files so that only one editor can open a folder at a time. I checked into google drive, teambox and dropbox, but they don't seem to have the ability to "check out" or "lock" a folder while you are using it.


      Thanks for your help!




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I don't believe your director is being very practical here.


          Premiere Pro is at it's best with all files are stored locally - project, media, scratch, cache, etc.  I recommend a 5 drive setup as a starting point.


          C: System

          D: Projects

          E: Cache/Scratch

          F: Media

          G: Exports


          Things do not work so well when files are stored on a network, and may not work at all when pulling from the Internet.  Further, proxies introduce an often unneeded arbitrary.  PP works very well editing the original media, and at the moment does not have a fully-featured proxy work flow.


          Outside of using the expensive Adobe Anywhere, I'd recommend skipping this sharing idea and divide up the project, sending each editor whatever he needs to work on his part of the project, with as little overlap between editors as possible.  You can then combine the parts into a coherent whole when each part is finished.