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    Photoshop Windows 8 Wiggle / Jitter brush stroke.   (Wacom Cintiq Companion)


      I just got a new Wacom Cintiq Companion Windows 8 version.   I normally work in Mac, so I've never encountered this. 






      This ONLY happens in photoshop (even CS6), NO other software (Sketchbook pro, painter, art rage, etc)


      I tested my Cintiq out in a field, away from phone away from anything that could wirelessly interfere, STILL this happens.


      What the hell could cause this?  It's driving me INSANE!  I've tried everything, reinstalling wacom drivers, reinstalling photoshop CC, installing older wacom drivers.  Disabled all custom brushes in photoshop, enabled brush smoothing, Disabling Windows ink, enabling recognition mode. Enablign / disabling / dialing down mouse acceleration and disabling / enabling "enhance pointer precision" Disabling / enabling GPU photoshop acceleration, updated Intel graphics 4000 drivers.  No one else seems to have this problem.     The stranger thing is, I tried on OTHER windows 8 / 7 machines with a regular wacom Intuos tablet and i see this SAME issue.  



      Any insights?