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    Challenge making this effect

    Netcommercial Level 1

      http://www.thatvideosite.com/v/7540/mercedes-benz-super-bowl-2013-commercial-featuring-wil lem-dafoe-as-the-devil


      At about 1:28 Defoe vaporizes, was wondering which effects they used to achieve this?  I thought it was shatter but no luck.


      Here is mid screen grab of it



      If you got an idea on how they got this one done, please let me know the effects and if there are any special steps to achieve this



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That's probably a 3D particle/ fluid simulation. You could get some of the smokey effects with Trapcode Particular and Form by cranking up the Turbulence Fields, the rest will have to be done using otehr tools most likely. Difficult to tell because it happens so fast.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There are several things going on here. Each requires a different layer. Notice that it's a static shot. You have a clean plate - William Defoe not in the shot, and a front plate. There would be some roto to put Defoe on a separate layer. Then there's a transition between the rotoed layer of Defoe and the particle effects. There are also effects on Defoe's eyes which involve more roto and another layer.


            I'd say that the smoke and particle effects could be done with the Trapcode suite and a frame or two of the other distortion effect could be done with several other effects or, because it's so fast, even be done by hand in Photoshop because it would only involve painting a 3 or 4 frames.


            The key to pulling off these kinds of transitions is to have a good clean plate, some good roto, and a bunch of layers with one for every effect you are trying to composite into the shot. for this to work you'll need a minimum of 4 layers. Clean Plate for the background, rotoed Defoe layer, particle effect, smoke effect, and rotoed foreground plate.

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              Netcommercial Level 1


              Thank you both, you two are def the sharpest on here.


              I did pull it off, via a triple layer. Roto'd my talent and used a CC effect to get my talent to become particles. (Cannot remember which I used), as I went through each one until I got "Kinda" what I was looking for.


              I used a few ADJ layers and Lightning faded out to look like fast smoke, (blew out the core color) along with a couple of other effects.

              I could not get my particles to twirl, as much as I tried. Any suggestions on making that Roto'd layer of  talent become particles and then swirl out?

              I did the eyes with Light beam or whatever it is called. Again i am not on my W.S as I surf here...So I cannot look at the layer.


              I will play with trapcode Particular as Mylenium suggested. Great effect on that commercial.


              Have you all noticed the quality of effects as most move from what I guess, FC to Adobe to create this stuff for Broadcast?  At least my Local news in Palm Springs is using AE, or they hired a new Graphics person who knows AE.  You certainly can see templates from other software being used. Thanks again Gents.


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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                AE has always had the capability to be used in conjunction with non-Adobe applications... although the history has been a little spotty.  I remember the ability to import a Media 100 timeline as a comp in AE version 4, for example.  Automatic Duck made life among Avid, FCP and AE a little easier, too.


                And here's a comment on that Willam Defore vaporization: when they're not making gee-whiz effects for Hollywood movies, the bread and butter for effects houses is in doing work on TV commercials. It can be argued that a lot more cutting-edge work is done on spots than on feature movies.  So don't be surprised if AE won't do everything in that spot: the guys who made it probably used something a lot more sophisticated than AE.

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                  Netcommercial Level 1

                  Red Giant is the effect Trapcode Particular.... 350.-800. For a stand alone or Suite. BTW.  I was hoping for a solution with stock Cs6 effects. I used Scatterize, I need to figure how to make it twirl now. There is a L n R control, yet oddly enough they rotate on the Y Axis as if in 3d  forward and back?  Maybe an expression?

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    CC particles will do what you want. Try any of them.

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                      Netcommercial Level 1

                      Hi Rick,


                      I got close with Scatterize, I will try using C.C.particles. I even turned 3d on to rotate on the Y axis. Got close but not as polished as that ad. You guys are right about that 3d plug in.  Thanks for the specific suggestion on that effect, BTW.



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                        Netcommercial Level 1

                        I tried to find a CC effect to swirl or cyclone. As you mentioned Rick any CC particles will do what I want.


                        The best I came up with was adding CC Sphere and using Pixel Polly. Maybe if I could figure out to use Expression controls on Pixel Polly or Scaterize and control the "X" and "Z" axis to give it that swirl effect. Hence me trying the Cylinder effect. I got close but again not as polished as "Red Giant's" Trapcode Particular or one of the other cool plugins offered.