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    Premiere isn't accepting FCP XMLs



      I've seen one thread that hasn't been answered. I'm am currently testing out a new wokflow at work to replace our FCP7 systems with Premiere Pro CC. A crucial part of the workflow involves importing FCP XML subtitles, which as I have read should be an easy thing for Premiere to do.


      However, I can't get it to work!


      when I import xmls with VERY simple text data, it comes up with the message "general error" and nothing else. In fact i've tried all sorts of xmls (even one generated by Premiere itself!) and it has no success.


      I read another post about people having similiar difficulties, but it is not being answered. It seems to be a CC bug, as people are reporting success with cs6. I literally have less than two weeks to prove this workflow, otherwise we will have to revert to FCP7. 


      Please someone at Adobe address this problem asap!