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    Premier Pro CC is not using my Nvidia K5000 GPU


      I have a simple project that I've created in Premier Pro CC.  I have checked under Project Settings -> General -> Renderer  and it is set to Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA).  I have 3 short clips from my GoPro that were converted to avi files.  I performed a simple lens distortion correction on the 3 clips.  Total length of the sequence is 00:01:38:29. I select to render effects In to Out on the first clip (1:22 in length) and Premier is telling me it wants and hour and 10 minutes to complete rendering 1 minute and 22 seconds of 1080p video.  My machine is a Hex Core i7 980 3.3Ghz Extreme with 24Gb of ram.  I have an Nvidia K5000 video card.  I have GPU-Z running and monitoring the GPU sensors.  There is virturally no change.  The screenshot below is GPU-Z showing my K5000 activity while the render is going on.  As you can see nothing is happening.




      This is my project settings




      Any help would be much appreciated.  This is clearly not right.  In fact, Cuda or no Cuda I'm finding it very hard to believe that a workstation of the class that I have is taking an hour and 10 minutes to render 90 seconds of HD video?   This just sounds wrong no matter how you look at it.


      UPDATE:  I took this project over to my MacBook Pro.  This is a circa 2011 MBP with a QuadCore i7 and AMD GPU.  The Mac version of PPCC does not have they lens distortion. I downloaded a trial version of the Dashwood Horizon plugin that does a similar function.  On my MacBook Pro Laptop, performing the Render Effects In to Out on the first clip (1:22 in length) took a whopping 3 minutes.  There is something seriously wrong going on with my installation of Premier Pro CC on my Windows machine.  There is no way that it should be taking so long (Over an hour) to perform a render, even without the Cuda core.


      UPDATE II:  It appears as if it might be GoPro or Cineform related.  I had purchased and own the Neoscene V5 Cineform Encoding engine.  I have this on Mac as well as Windows.  I opened up a Premier Pro CC file that I knew did not have any GoPro footage inside.  Rendering this footage was more on par with my expectations on throughput.  The K5000 core useage also ticked up on the render.  I'm not sure why this would be an issue as the No-GoPro project renders very fast as to be expected while the GoPro version is having significant issues.