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    How to tell if exported photo came from a collection




      I am working on an export plugin which sends photos to an external app, which creates a new photo.  The plugin then imports the new photo into the same folder where the original(s) came from.

      However if someone exports photos from within a collection, I would like to be able to add the new photo to the collection.

      Is there some way I can tell whether the user exported photos from a collection, and if so, which one?


      photo:getContainedCollections will tell me whether they are in any collections, but not if the user exported them from a collection, or which one.

      catalog:getActiveSources() looks promising, but I haven't been able to get any information from it, and I gather that it has serious bugs up until late LR4 versions.


      Is there some call I'm missing which will do the job?

      Thanks in advance


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          areohbee Level 6

          If your plugin is doing the exporting, just record which collections are in active sources upon export.


          PS - I'm not aware of any problems with catalog:getActiveSources(), other than differences in what's returned for the special collections (e.g. all-photos and recent-imports collections) vs. non-special collections.


          Of course you can't add photos to smart collections, so if collection is smart, consider an option for tagging in such a way that it will be auto-added (food for thought anyway, maybe doesn't apply...).