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    Unable to export one page of a six-page document as a pdf


      I have a six-page document created in an earlier version of In Design which I have updated and now want to export single pages as a pdf. However, under File / Export, after stipulating the File name and clicking on SAVE, on the Export Adobe PDF window I can select "All" or "Range" under PAGES but the drop down options against "Range" are only "All pages" or "A4 V".


      Usually, this is where I would select the number of the page I want to select, but I am unable to do so - only given the two options.


      How do I change the dropdown menu to a simple fill-in box?




      PS Please understand that I am a user of In Design V3 and before that Pagemaker 6.5, so I'm a novice to In Design CC. This document does not have master pages nor a template - but are they necessary? Someone has suggested that I need to check my master pages and assign a new template to the pages...