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    PSE PRE 12 organizer not generating thumbnails for imported video files


      Does anyone know how to repair this problem?

      The files are Mpeg4


      I just upgraded some PSE 11 catalogs to PSE 12 and all functions and tags imported fine. When I import video only into PSE12 organizer, it will not generate a thumbnail image. I imported the same files into the old catalog using PSE11 and the thumbnails will be created. I have even gone a step further and converted the PSE11 catalog after imports were made, and PSE12 will now have the thumbnails. Eventually PSE11 is going to have to be uninstalled.


      In the preferences the option to create video thumbnails is checked, I have also right clicked to update thumbnail (which has caused me to lose more)

      During some experimenting and further diagnosis I chose to update a thumbnail from a video file created with my Pentax WG-3 and it worked.

      I updated thumbnail on a horizontal and vertical video from my Galaxy S3, and now the existing thumbnails are gone.


      So far the only one that actually works for me is the Pentax video, which is a MOV file. , the GoPro 3 and Galaxy are mp4 files, so it's possible that the mp4 format has something to do with it. This is very frustrating losing my thumbnails like this.... Luckily I have not deleted ver11 yet.


      I hope they repair this issue soon.


      Thanks for the help!