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    Mp4 to DVD question...

    Rovingfilmer Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      So I recently filmed a show in 1920x1080, 17mbps, in AVCHD. Now i need to burn the show to a DVD so it will play in most household DVD players.


      Am I right in doing the following...


      - Render the project out as Mpeg2 DVD in either Prem pro cs6 or Media Encoder

      - Burn the project to a DVD with Encore?


      I have production premium cs6 package.


      I am currently rendering out the project in Media Encoder, am I doing this right? I realise I will lose some quality but that is a result of filming in HD and then using the footage for a standard def DVD. I hope I don't lose much of the quality. I have my render settings to high.


      Any feedback would be great.