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    Auto Refresh Web Services

      I'm trying to get a pie chart which automatically refreshes and gets new data from a webservice. Currently, we just have a sample webservice which spits out a random array of numbers. I can get the chart to display these, but not to refresh itself. I found a code online for an auto-refreshing clock, but can't seem to plug in my own data to get it to work. Currently, it displays the initial chart, then after the set time (in this case 2 seconds), it disappears and will not return. <flexed: autorefresher refers to the actionscript file.

      I'd appreciate any help, as I've just recently started learning flex, and don't have a lot of coding experience.
      Here is the code:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" initialize="initView()" xmlns:flexed="flexed.utils.*" width="611" height="446" creationComplete="csSer.GetSummaryStatsIntArray.send()">

      private var dt:PieChart = new PieChart();

      //Getting the current time and setting it to the label.
      //Starting the Autorefresher
      private function initView():void{

      //Function to execute on each autorefresh.
      private function rfrshPie():void{
      dt = new PieChart();
      chartPie.dataProvider = dt.dataProvider = "{csSer.GetSummaryStatsIntArray.lastResult}";


      <mx:WebService id="csSer"
      wsdl=" http://todd/CallSummaryWebService/Service.asmx?wsdl"

      <mx:operation name="GetSummaryStatsIntArray" xmlns=" http://tempuri.org/">
      <mx:request xmlns="">

      <flexed:AutoRefresher id="exampleAutoRefresh" delay="2000" refreshFunction="rfrshPie" />

      <mx:PieChart id="chartPie"
      width="306" x="226" height="283" y="55">

      <mx:PieSeries id="pieS" labelPosition="inside" field=""/>