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    Is there any way to create a custom timecode in Premiere Pro?


      I mean going beyond the standard controls in the Timecode effect.


      I have a video project where I need to actually show time elapsed to demonstrate a process happening in a timelapsed video. In other words, this isn't just for editing/syncing purposes; the final video needs to display how long the events in the video are taking to complete, like a chronometer, and I want more control over its appearance.


      For example, I want to strip out the Hours and Frames so all I have left is MM:SS in the display, which I've fudged for the moment by putting the timecode in a seperate sequence and cropping it. I'd also like to be able to choose the color, font, etc. of the digits display and to put something behind it other than the built-in semi-transparent gray background.


      I almost need to be able to insert the timecode into a Title as a special character, like you'd do for page numbers in a text document.


      If this simply isn't available in Premiere Pro but there happens to be a solution in, say, AfterEffects, or any other CC software, I would be fine with that.