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    Photoshop CS5 Video issues. NEED Help ASAP


      I created a video using Adobe Photoshop CS5. In Photoshop, the video is crisp and clear. After I export the video into an "MP4 H.26 Best quality 30 or 48 fps 1920x1080 HD" video, part of the video looks clear, but as soon as the movement occurs, the picture becomes pixilated. I've tried everything that I can think of. I have a still picture in the back ground. There is rain coming down from the top, an object moves across the bottom, and another object "floats" in the air (little up and down movement). Before the rain comes down, everything is clear. Even after the rain (I created) comes down, the movement across the bottom is clear (a video loop from videoblocks.com). But after the rain starts to come down, the still background image (I created) begins to look pixilated, and the "floating" object (Icreated) becomes blurry as well. At first I thought it had something to do with the way I had the rain come down...but in Photoshop, the playback is very clear. Does anybody have any idea how i can save this video without it looking this way? I need an answer ASAP, PLEASE.


      Thank you!!!!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That will be nearly impossible. Sorry, it's inherent in how any MPEG-based compression works and you can even see it on commercial DVDs and Blu-Rays. Fine high-frequency spatial noise is a quality killer as is combining completely static areas with moving ones. It will improve if you increase the output data rates at the cost of potentially getting choppy playback, but it will never go away completely. You would have to even out the motion, i.e. use an animated background, let your static elements move ever so slightly and potentially reduce the amount of rain.



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            Mariposa416 Level 1

            I gave the settings I used in exporting the Adobe Photoshop CS5 video. I want to know how I should change my settings. I may be creating the video all wrong or using the wrong product. I had a photoshop file with layers. I wanted the rain to fall out of the sky, so i made a video with the raindropd falling at a tween of 20 and I had like 380 frames after that. I could figur out how to get another layer to  move at a different pace, so I exported the video (many times until i could get it as clear as possible). Then i added the video back in, and added in another layer (the one that was floating in the sky). No matter which setting I used to export the video, it wasn't as crisp as I was looking for. I exported the video and iserted it back in for the movement across the bottom. That came out really clear (but it came from http://videoblocks.com). Do you or anyone else know which is the best settings for me to use in Photoshop CS5? Or is there another program i could use to makke clear videos?


            I want the video to be as original as possible.