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    File menu options are grayed out in inDesign CS 6

    nixIT Level 1

      Hello all,


      One of our CS6 users is mentioning that he can no long save/export/anything in inDesign CS6.  He opens the file fine, but when he goes to save it all the menu options under File are grayed out.  I suggested the "Export" fix, but even Export is grayed out.  This started about 2-3 weeks ago.


      When he closes inDesign and relaunches it, he can save, for a while, but eventually all File menu options will revert to being grayed out.


      He is running:


      InDesign CS6

      Mac OS X Snow Leopard

      File is on a Network share, always have been

      Wacom tablet for input device


      All latest software/security patches in place.


      Is there a chance the wacom tablet could be causing this?  We *think* it started after we installed the Wacom tablet.  I suggested he remove it and work for a couple days to see if it happens.


      I'm at a loss, any ideas why the menu options will be grayed out?